ARD in PA, Problems in Wyoming

I got arrested for DUI in PA. While awaiting trial, I moved to Wyoming and got a new driver's license. I went back to PA to face the music. I took ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) on the DUI. I lost my license for 60 days as part of the ARD.

Wyoming is now claiming that under their law, I have to lose my license for 6 months. Is this right? How can Wyoming do this to me?

There is no 'right' to drive. You don't have a right to have a license. Any state can have any rules they want to have that govern their driver's licenses so long as they apply to all people equally.

Therefore, Wyoming can have whatever rules and restrictions they want to have in regard to their drivers' licenses.

If Wyoming wants to say that anyone that gets an ARD in PA, while in possession of a Wyoming license must serve a suspension in Wyoming for 6 months, they can do it.

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