Another Flurry of Questions

1. Whats the max on attempted murder and armed robbery?
Usually, there is a lot more charged than just those two, but I think I understand your question, and I will answer 25-50 years.

2. The cops come to my house with a warrant to search for a dead body and they find a kilo of cocaine. Can I get charged with the powder?

If the cops come in and look for a dead body, but while they search for the corpse they find drugs, you can be charged with the drugs. As long as the initial warrant for the body was illegal, you can be lawfully charged with the drugs.

3. If someone runs a red light and kills the occupant of another car, how will they be charged?

The answer depends on whether the person who was the killer had a valid license and whether they were dui at the time of the killing. The answer could also change if the killer drove away.

In Pennsylvania there are about 4 different types of killings under the law, but really many more. But, there is a chance that no charges will be brought.

Also, the victims family could sue.

4. I plead guilty to something I didn't do. Can I change my mind?

If you have NOT been sentenced, you probably can change your mind and withdraw your guilty plea. If you have been sentenced, it is very unlikely you will be allowed to change your mind.

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