Summary Conviction: Was I Convicted of Summaries?

I got tied up with some nonsense about a bounced check. I don't even know how it happened. If was a simple mistake. I was told that if I go to the magisterial judicial district, i can just plead guilty and pay a fine. If I do this, the whole thing will be over; who cares?

If you do everything you state about, you will have a summary conviction on your record that you cannot get expunged under the current law. Further, bad checks involve dishonesty and someone, somewhere along the road to your future will somehow challenge your employment due to this conviction.

Absolutely do NOT plea guilty to any summary offense unless you already have a prior criminal conviction and you will never be worries about a future job. If you are concerned with your record, show up to court and see if they offer you something other than a record.


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