RRRI (Recidivism Risk Reduction Incentive) - New Sentencing Issues

What is triple R I?

Recidivism Risk Reduction Incentive (RRRI) is being referred to as the triple R I, or RRRI. This is a new sentencing program geared to give non violent offenders an incentive to get out of jail early if they comply with a host of requirements.

If you have any prior history or open cases involving violent crimes, including violent DUIs and sex crimes, and any megan's law offenses, you are ineligible as a a matter of law. You must also be serving a state sentence and be supervised by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

If you are deemed RRRI eligible by your trial judge, you get past classification and go to your home state correctional institute, you will be given a list of classes and tasks to perform to become a RRRI candidate. If you do these things, you will be eligible at your RRRI parole date.

If you receive a sentence of 3-6 years or less, your RRRI minimum will be 3/4 the value of your minimum. If your sentence is greater than 3-6 years, your RRRI minimum will be 5/6 of your minimum.

Additionally, if the judge accepts the deal, the DA can waive all of the requirements and make someone RRRI eligible.

This is a great program and I am confident it will help a lot of good folks. We often see first time offenders who get convicted of a 3-6 year mandatory minimum drug case. These folks will now now be eligible for parole at 27 months if they complete all of their programs, in effect getting 9 months off for having a non violent case, non violent past, and completing the programs.

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