I Shot the Sheriff, but I Did Not Shoot the Deputy

Help, I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy and I am being charged for aggravated assault and attempted murder of for both the shootings. My lawyer told me that I am being charged with conspiracy for both and I don't get it. Ok, yes, I was present when we bought the guns and when we planned the shootings but my rappy shot the deputy, not me. Can you help?

If you take a substantial step towards the commission of a crime, you can be found guilty for not only the crime that you commit, but any other crime that occurs as a result your initial act. Say you and your friend decide to rob a gas station and you are going to be the lookout. Your friend goes into the gas station, you remain outside. Your friend robs the cashier of the gas station at gun point. Things go awry and your friend kills the cashier.

You can be found guilty of murder 2 (felony murder) because you were part of the conspiracy to commit the robbery and you took a substantial step in furtherance of the conspiracy by being the lookout.

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